Links and recommendations

As parents with young children we don’t have all the time in the world, but we have still found it really useful to make time to read up around all things oikos. (It doesn’t hurt that we love reading too!). Here are some of the books that we have found useful in educating ourselves, and shaping our oikos life. And not just books – there are some great TV and radio programmes out there!

We don’t have any sponsorship or promotional deals with any of these links – this is just a collection of what we have found useful. Let us know what you think of them, and if there is anything else you think we should check out!


How bad are bananas? Really accessible and easy to reference book that gives an estimated carbon footprint for 100 common things. It isn’t exhaustive because it isn’t meant to be, but rather helps to give a sense of scale (helpfully groups things into categories of impact). Really constructive input for making educated decisions about household carbon footprint. (NOTE: there is a 2021 updated 2nd edition of this but we haven’t read it yet)

What we need to do now A hopeful and well argued look at what needs to happen to deal with the climate crisis. This isn’t really about your household life, but has a whole society (even global) oikos scope. Not a practical resource, but really interesting and helpful for those who want to engage with the political conversation.

Time to Act A wonderful collection of short chapters from a wide range of writers, gathered together by Christian Climate Action (the Christians of Extinction Rebellion). This book is structured around three areas: the head, the heart, the hands. It is a compelling, moving and empowering book that captures the passion of those on the front line of climate action, and draws you along with them.

One wild and precious life A mixture of pop-psychology and travel writing, this book is an enjoyable and eclectic read. Insightfully making the link between the contemporary human experience of dis-connection and the climate and ecological crisis, the author shares stories and thoughts on how we can foster a deeper sense of connectedness with ourselves, those around us, and the rest of creation. Soul-food.

TV and Film

We LOVE movies, and have been known to devour TV series too. Here are a few that have fed in to our oikos life.

Dark Waters (2019) – A gripping drama about one man’s battle to chase down the truth about pollution, disease, a cover-up and corporate greed. We watched it after reading a recommendation from a friend on Facebook – her review: “You need to watch this. Watch it and rage”.

The Lorax (2012) – Beautiful animation and very funny, but also deeply unsettling when you feel the smack in the face that so much of what is meant to be crazy satirical hyperbole is actually happening in real life. Like plastic grass. Plastic. Grass. Watch The Lorax – laugh, cry, rage, change your ways.

Shop Well for the Planet? (BBC 2021) – This series was the spark for this whole section. Currently available on iPlayer this shows a real life family making a whole bunch of little changes to their shopping and household habits. Worth a watch for hints and tips alone.