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Last week we gave up our car.  We are now a car free household.

It’s not that we can’t afford to own a car, although it is a big expense.  It’s not that we don’t use it, although we have been trying to travel by walking, cycling or public transport whenever possible for some time.  This reduction in use over time is what has now led us to take this step.  We have got to a point where we can’t justify owning such a big resource (in money and carbon terms) for it to mostly just sit on the road in front of the house: a very expensive piece of road furniture, and a temptation to be lazy!

This has been a long time coming.  For a couple of years now we have talked about whether we could manage without a car.  If we could afford it we would have swapped for an electric car years ago, and that might have kept us running a vehicle for longer.  But this goes beyond petrol/electric really – this is about choosing to engage with transport in a different way altogether: to reimagine our relationship with moving about the world.

We are choosing to explore a different way of life/travel/transport.

Not having a car will be inconvenient at times.  It will mean that we need to leave more time to get around, that it will sometimes take more effort or planning, and that there are some things that we will no longer be able to do (at least not without borrowing or renting a car).  This is a sacrifice we are prepared to make.  We recognise that this will also knock on to our family and friends (and work) at times, and ask for your patience, grace and understanding as we work this out.  We are going to need to travel more intentionally – less nipping about and quick journeys – but plan to use this as an opportunity to make the most of being in the place that we are.  We might not be able to visit as frequently, but will plan to spend good quality time in a place once we get there.  Slowing down to appreciate the moment.  

Our hope is that this is one thread in the tapestry of people, places and groups coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.  Reimagining transport – away from self-reliant convenience and rushing around all the time, towards sharing and a steadier pace of life.  

What will we do when we want to move big things around now?  What will we do when we want (or need) to get somewhere that isn’t accessible by bus or train?  What will we do when it is raining hard but we still need to do the school run?  

We have chosen to limit our options, but we still have plenty!  We can:

Walk, Bicycle, Bus, Train, Taxi, Borrow a car, Rent a car, or even Just not do it!

The adventure begins…

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I am married, father of 2 young children (2014 and 2017), pioneering priest in the Church of England, surfer, climate activist and much more. Born in Yorkshire, and currently living on the Yorkshire Coast. Doing my best to live in good connection with God, self, neighbour and creation - working it out as I go.

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